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January 21

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Found Object Stamping

June 19

During a workshop session with artist Melanie Brummer from  Slipstream Fabric Finishes, we had some time left over to just creatively mess around a bit.  She motioned to a bag on a shelf in her studio and asked us to just empty the contents out on the floor.  Oh.  What. Insane. FUN!  The bag was stuffed full of all sorts of found objects and we had so much fun stamping with all the different items.  So here is the short and easy (but with all the fun) on how you can do some found object stamping onto fabric.  Click on the picture below to download the tutorial.  For more information on where you can book a stamp and dye class with Melanie, visit her website: for more information.



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June 5

So you’ve got some old crochetted doilies lying hidden and forgotten in your cupboard?  No problem, turn them into some bespoke fibre jewellery!  Click on the picture below to download the tutorial.

crochet doily necklace

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June 5

Postcards is a bit of a relic of the old days, but it really is something to actually get one in the mail.  So make yourself these postcards and take them with you when you’re on holiday and send them to friends, family or even yourself!  Click on the image below to download the tutorial.


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Flowers, to brighten your day

April 24

This past week the weather has been all kinds of mixed up as autumn is in full swing.  Along the roads grass and trees are starting to turn leaves and colour.  Some of us are starting to feel the misery of winter approaching, so to chase them away we have a solution.  A simple arrangement of fresh cut flowers to brighten your day and living space.  Click on the picture below to download the tutorial.



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Smooth Silver

April 17

A versatile jewellery piece that doubles as both a bracelet and extended to a necklace with a piece of chain.  Simple and modern this large, bulky piece of jewellery will add the finishing touches to your outfit.  To download the tutorial, click on the picture below.

silver donut

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Felt Poppy

April 10

Felt is such a versatile fabric when it comes to crafts.  It’s easy to use and a dream to embroider on.  We’ve made a simple felt poppy which you can apply to anything thing you like; from brooches to hair pins or table décor and even clothing.  Click on the picture below to download the tutorial.  Have fun making flowers for everyone!

felt poppy

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