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Cardigan Clips

March 24

Autumn is here! And that means all sorts of cardigans, sweaters, shrugs and shawls.  Lately these lovely flowy cardigans have been high fashion, but it’s a pain because more often than not they simply slip from your shoulders.  Here is a great and creative way to keep it put; cardigan clips with vintage buttons.

cardigan clips

Chunky Turquoise Rocks

October 23

Big chunks of semi precious stones are so in right now on the jewelry scene.  The bigger the better.  And as much layering as you can.  If you can include a geode – perfect.  We show how to make this simple choker with big chunks of turquoise stones.  You can extend it with just about anything you can lay your hands on.  From chains, bracelets to scarves!  To down load the instructable, click on the picture below.

chunky turquoise