June 21

To avoid re-posting old info we’ve created this page especially for those burning questions:

Q)  Where can I order these lovely magazines?
A) Directly from us by either phoning us on (018) 786 3982 during business hours (8:30-13:00) from Monday-Friday or e-mail us with your details on creativehobbies1@gmail.com

Q) Can anyone contribute to the magazine?
A) Of course! Send us an e-mail of your proposed contribution to become liable for publication.  If we like what we see, then every reader will like what we see!

Q When is the next issue available?
A) This magazine is published every second month.  So in one year there will be six issues.  As far as this year goes, there will be a special insert into issue 43 of The Bead Book magazine, and then again in October 2013 for Hobby-X Gallagher.

Q) I am a shop owner and I want to advertise, what do I do?
A) Certainly, we have THE most competitive rates in the industry.  All advertising queries can be directed to: creativehobbies1@gmail.com

Q) Can I subscribe?
A) Yes, subscriptions will be available from the Creative Crafts Expo end of June 2013, but you can also contact our office on the details provided above to request a subscription form.

Q) How often is the magazine published?
A) Every second month.

Q) Will digital copies of the magazine be available?
A) We are working very hard to make this magazine available from MySubs as well as Zinio.  As soon as we have success we shall have a link directly from the site where you can upload your digital issue to your tablet.

Q) I subscribe to the Bead Book Magazine, can I migrate my subscription?
A) Yes, phone our offices or send an e-mail to beadbook@telkomsa.net notifying us of your intention to migrate and we will speedily carry your subscription over tho Creative Hobbies.