Cupcake Wrappers

March 24

Here is a simple cupcake wrapper for you to try.  Simply download, save and print.  Cut, glue and put a cupcake in it.  This template is an A4 size (297mm x 210mm, landscape) and will fit a medium sized cupcake.  Enlarge it for jumbo cupcakes or reduce it for smaller ones.  We will be adding some more event orientated designs.  Click on the picture to download the file.

cupcake wrappers

Date Night Coupons

February 12

Round #2 of making something special for your significant other: Date Night Coupons.  Don’t just celebrate Valentines Day for one day.  Use these coupons to plan 7 different date nights to fit in your lifestyle.  Or make as many as you want!  But still keep it very special with unique date night ideas.  Click on the picture below to download the tutorial.

date night coupons

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Love Fortunes

February 11

With Valentines Day just around the corner, one gets a little tired of the traditional hearts and flowers.  Spice it up with these little love fortunes. Little fortune cookies shaped from card stock. You can present them in a myriad of ways, and they needn’t necessarily be fortunes only.  If you cut the circle larger, you can put sweets or small gifts in them.  Click on the image to download the tutorial.

love fortune cookies

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Quick Washi Tape Beads

February 5

Washi tape is super versatile in crafts and you get the loveliest designs. If you have a bead project and you just can’t seem to find the right beads; paint and washi tape them!  To make them wear resistant seal with gel medium or modge podge.  For a high shine finish, use high gloss varnish.

washi beads

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Scrap-a-calender for 2015

December 6

The year has run out.  Time to wind down and get ready for a long holiday season.  To keep your hands and creative mind busy we have this calender project.  Make yourself this pretty calender to start 2015 on a very crafty note.  Click on the image below to download the instructable.

calendar splurb

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Unofficial Craft Week: Freebie #2

September 25

We’re speeding towards the end of the year.  Parties will abound and table décor will need to be organised.  Here is a pretty piece of table décor that is easy to put together and looks beautiful.  Click on the picture below to download the free tutorial.

rosey decor splurb


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