October 10

You’ve seen our magazine.  You love our content.  You are in love with the creative process of arts and crafts, all you need is a little printed inspiration.  If you are interested in signing up for a print copy subscription, please download the 1) PDF or 2) Microsoft Word subscription form link provided here.  If you would like a digital subscription, click on the MySubs link below:


CH_Subscription Form_2013

CH_Subscription Form_2013

How to use this form:

Click on the link, wait for the form to load in your browser window.  Download the form to your computer. Open the form in Adobe Reader or Microsoft Word and complete all the details necessary to successfully register you as a Creative Hobbies subscriber.  To ensure your information is saved, rename the form with your name and surname when you save the document.  You can choose to either send it via the e-mail address provided or fax the completed form to us.

Aside from your personal and postal details, if you prefer a debit order, please complete only the debit order details.  If you prefer to be a prepaid subscriber, please complete only the prepaid details.  1 year subscription offers you 6 stunning issues of ideas, how-to’s and simply great projects to complete on your own time.  From time to time we also offer some special items only available to the subscribers; so please ensure that your email address is always up to date and active and that you know your subscriber number off by heart.